What We Do

ECM – Business Consulting is a boutique business consulting firm in India, mainly focused on advising Family Businesses who desire to professionalize, Small and Medium Businesses who aspire to grow, Businesses in Special Situations as well as Private Equity Players who need to effect significant change in short time, and companies from abroad who desire to enter India. We also undertake Project Advisory and O&M Services.

We have hands-on experience in operations and project execution. We look at the business from a CEO's perspective. We start by asking the right questions, delve deeper, come out with the right solutions, which are then translated into actions on the ground. Our approach is akin to a personal trainer. We mould the management teams to think and act like an owner, and help them create high economic value.

We normally prefer to take advisory role. However, in specific situations we may take active role in order to improve the business performance.